My work is based on researching, analysing and coaching natural movement. To do this I use ground-breaking technology with movement sensors and 360 video analysis of the whole body. During a session I’m able to record vital information and then share with you:

  • Ground reaction force (measured in newtons)
  • Deceleration of the leg (measured in G forces)
  • Ground contact time (measured in milliseconds)
  • Cadence
  • Stride length
  • Vertical displacement
  • A visual record of your movement

My work with ViMove allows me to monitor movement and create laboratory quality analysis away from the treadmill in the natural environment.

Our dynamic movement on a treadmill bears little resemblance to that in the natural environment. Cadence, ground contact time, vertical displacement and perceived rate of exertion are all effected so any feasible analysis and coaching simply needs to be done outside. We run outside, so we need to be analysed and coached outside.

I’ve used the ViMove system to analyse, coach and research in several extreme environments including Jungle, Arctic, Desert and Mountain. I regularly use it working with elite athletes and coaches in Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda.

My pioneering work with amputees in the MOD, PACE and BLESMA has created running dynamics from prosthetics and is creating a new thought processes on how to adapt to prosthetics in dynamic and everyday movement.

Technique Analysis

My organic approach to coaching and natural movement is supported by the latest technology enabling me to measure progress and set coaching and performance goals. I am the first running technique coach in the UK to use the ViMove technology. I use it because it allows me to coach and analyse natural movement in a natural environment.

Producing reports on your running dynamics will help you work with your sports therapist on injuries and rehabilitation.

Video Analysis

I believe it’s impossible to teach or learn a movement skill without the use of video analysis. I use 360 degree video analysis of the whole body. This takes place in the natural environment and can be carried on a surface or environment of your choice.

I’m able to carry out video analysis of runners on the move on distances up to full marathon – this is a perfect way of studying gait fatigue.

Sports Therapist

When you have a running analysis session you will receive a full report on your running dynamics, balance and symmetry of movement. Invaluable information for your sports therapist!  For the first time they can see how your body performs when running and can use this information to treat and prevent injury, as well as work on recovery and rehabilitation. I am very happy to work with your therapist to ensure you have the best possible team behind you.

Our running gait changes dramatically as we get tired, to work with you on this I have devised a coaching session that allows me to coach you on runs up to full marathon distance, this session uses VIMove, Garmin and video analysis to create an amazing learning environment that allows you to simulate distance and pace with full movement analysis. To learn more
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