John Panter – Ultra Runner & Running Coach

Having run ultra races for a number of years I have always tried to focus on my form to improve my performances. I was interested in understanding how to promote having a good posture and movement to others within the running club.However, I found it difficult to explain this or have the confidence to justify adapting people’s techniques.

I first heard of Shane from a number of fellow ultra runners, having discussed his CPD course I found myself running around a field being videoed. It is not until you meet someone like Shane, that your eyes are opened to truly understanding how and why you need to move well. Not only have I a better understanding of my own movement but have the techniques to work with a range of runners to challenge their own perceptions. Shane’s understanding of movement and his enthusiasm, is infectious. The CPD course was just the start of what is hopefully a continual process (with Shane), developing my coaching skills and working with runners to engage their elasticity.

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