Roger Andrew – Runner

When I was introduced to Shane, I could not have been more excited. As a yoga teacher and an ultra runner I’d been researching how the current breakthroughs in understanding the fascia could help me. The problem was in converting that knowledge to my training and preparation. 

Shane’s work is surfacing the hot-off-the-press breakthroughs from the professional athlete and science community. The knowledge of fascia and how we optimise our bodies has the potential to revolutionise how we endure over long distances and hours. He aims to turn us all into elegant and efficient human beings and I find that incredibly inspiring and useful. 

My goal is to be a top mountain athlete. To complete the Bob Graham Round and the UTMB by 2020. I’m closing on 60 years old and want to live forever, or at least as long as I can run in the mountains!! Shane is playing a big part in taking me there and beyond. 

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