Mark Blokland Bsc., Dc ., Fcc (Budding Age group Triathlete)

Hey Shane
Thank you for your input . The session was informative and even though my background is biomechanics it was refreshing to hear how we need to rewind and learn how to move as we once did. Its easy to get lost in all the Garmin telemetry, and implement what our online coaches teach us ,to our own downfall.
Even though I had the correct idea about  cadence stride length oscillation etc its how you managed to get me to put them together in the 3 hours .
Its the first time I actually felt efficient and comfortable while running . Totally agree we were all born to run but we have just forgotten how to move!!!!
I will be training hard and can’t wait for my next session .
Thank you,
Mark Blokland Bsc., Dc ., Fcc (Budding Age group Triathlete)

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