Emily Clark – Consultant Paediatrician

My Husband and I had a fantastic morning training with Shane. Although we have very different builds, postures and running styles, coaching as a couple was a great option. It allowed us both to examine our own mistakes and learn about each others. This has already allowed us to check on each others progress during subsequent runs. Without this re-enforcement it would have been more difficult to make the changes needed. Shane’s advice was very clear and made a lot of biological sense. It was very humbling to have had the opportunity to be coached by someone who has worked with Team GB as well as with world leading Kenyan distance runners. He certainly kept his promise to treat his clients with the same interest whether their running vests read ‘Team GB’ or ‘Newbury Runners’. I know that other members of our running club have also benefited from Shane’s coaching, both individually and as couples – hopefully it will become something that we can re-enforce as a team.

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