Elisabet Barnes, Ultra Endurance Runner

Shane’s approach to running movement really works. It is highly analytical and I particularly like that you are not on a treadmill in a lab, but actually outside in your natural running environment. Shane has helped me become a better runner by being aware of my posture and movement and by being able to see, from video analysis and data, the areas I can improve. When you work with Shane you get instant feedback and you notice improvements straight away. Shane is a fountain of knowledge and extremely passionate about what he does. A lot of people neglect the impact that just a few tweaks to running technique can have on speed, endurance, and injury prevention but it is well worth the time and money to look at this aspect of your running. More miles is not always the answer to becoming a better runner. Think about HOW you run and you may see improvements you didn’t think were possible. Shane helped me prepare for my 4th Marathon des Sables. I am convinced that the insight from these sessions was instrumental in me being able to run as well as I did and secure my 2nd win in a highly competitive race.

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