Callum Hughes – 2014 National Off Road Champion

After having a great season of racing triathlons in 2014 including 11th at Ironman UK and 23rd at 70.3 Championships. All of these despite a fractured tibia at the beginning of the year.

After my season I set about trying to find someone who could prevent me becoming injured again. Thankfully I met Shane and all hope was restored, he is a fantastic guy with an abundance of enthusiasm much like myself.

We started working on different paces to see where my form changed, Shane was quick to pick up on all my flaws. He then gave me guidance on how to eliminate these of by changing small things in the way I run.

The result do far is that I’m four months uninjured. I would have been happy with that as the result but I’m also faster as a consequence of becoming more efficient. Working with Shane has certainly opened my eyes to how much more I can achieve.

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