Becks Ferry – Ultra Athlete

I was lucky enough to spend a few hours with Shane in early December.  Shane is deeply passionate about his job without ever preaching.  Every question I had was answered with years of in-depth study conducted in various extreme climates.  The data is easy to understand and the video analysis is fantastic.  In those few hours, he transformed the way that I think about how I move.  He explained that without good posture and good movement in every day life, how were we expected to run properly? Something which I had not considered but how true.  I now try to think about my posture ( and my children’s ) and consequently, this has began to transform the way that I am running.  I feel taller, stronger, quicker, aerodynamic and find that I tire less.  For anyone who wants to correct the way they move and run, time with Shane is a must. I can guarantee it.

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