Coaching in the Sahara / Namib

The Sahara and Namib deserts are among the most unforgiving environments that a runner can take on. This makes it an ideal place to research human movement and understand how we can overcome extreme environments.

My coaching and research in the Sahara takes place at the Mohamad Ahansal training camp. The camp plays host to many of the elite Moroccan runners preparing for the Marathon Des Sables.

With the use of movement sensors, video analysis and feedback from the athletes, I am able to understand how these amazing runners move so well in this hostile environment. My work is unique in that the technology I use allows me obtain laboratory quality data in the natural environment.

I am privileged to work with Mohamad Ahansal himself. As a five times winner of the Marathon Des Sables he is one of the greatest runners in the history of the race and a great coach. Sharing ideas and working with him on running technique provides a perfect platform for my Marathon Des Sables Workshops where competitors learn how to move across the desert with maximum efficiency.

The 2019 MDS saw podiums for Abdelaziz Baghazza in the men’s, Aziza Raji and Gemma Game in Womens, working with these athletes has increased my knowledge on what it takes to maximise the athletes potential in this unique environment.

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