Remote Video Analysis Workshop

A remote video analysis workshop gives you a clear picture of your running gait outside in the natural environment.

Seeing how you move and understanding the thought process behind it is an incredibly powerful way of learning.

Your movement is heavily influenced by your perception of your movement. You may feel that you have no perception and that you just run. We all have a perception even if it’s subliminal and it’s generally one that’s based on the traditional view of biomechanics. I believe we are far more elastic, synergistic, fluid and connected than we could ever imagine. Alongside video and data analysis, remote coaching focuses on changing this perception.

When it comes to running at different speeds and on different terrains, every runner has a sweet spot of efficiency and performance that is unique to them. Running dynamics such as stride length, vertical oscillation, ground contact time and cadence can help you to crack that code. The headline figures from these dynamics should be used with your running intelligence and not generic software that does not appreciate what you are aiming to achieve. The remote coaching workshops work with you to crack this code allowing you to research and coach your own progression.

I work remotely with runners from all over the world from complete beginners, those challenged by injury to elite athletes.

The one hour workshop costs £75 per hour and includes detailed discussion on the video analysis.  Coaching and discussion on running dynamics can also be included.

Contact me for a chat about the workshop and how it works.