Penny Barker, Athlete

Shane joined my Crew this year as I took part in Race Across America, one of the toughest cycle races in the world. He brought his deep endurance knowledge and insight to the team as well as his keen and questioning mind, allowing both him to learn from the event but also me to understand more about myself as an athlete. I’ve focused on ultra-cycling for the last 4 years and am now working with him to return to ultra-running. Having suffered from hip, knee and spinal issues in the past, some of which required surgery, I know I need to run more efficiently. Shane has already identified key areas for improvement and just working on these has meant that I have been able to up my mileage quicker than I had anticipated, for the first time running without soreness from repetitive heel-striking. He is perceptive, listens to his athletes and is able to articulate and demonstrate through his video analysis and models what is required. I’m looking forward to working together and am confident that his coaching will help me achieve my goals.

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