Shane Benzie – Founder

My passion and fascination for our dynamic movement were the key motivators for me to create Running Reborn. Coaching, analysing and researching our running movement on six continents and in a number of environments, many of them extreme, has led me to the conclusion that our movement is largely influenced by our perception of the movement; if we change our perception then we change our movement. When we move to our full potential we do so with elasticity, synergy, fluidity and a sense of connectivity which is driven by our amazing proprioceptive system. I believe this perception has been replaced with one that promotes one of being mechanical, if indeed there is any thought at all.
My movement workshops are based on analysis and coaching of a natural running form. If we aspire to be a good athlete we need to move the way a human is designed to move. This approach allows the runner to take ownership of their movement and create a running intelligence that treats running as a skill that can be practiced and developed.
My worked is based on the belief that our running form can only be analysed and coached outside in the natural environment, away from the treadmill which completely changes our running dynamics. To this end I use ground-breaking, wearable sensor technology and 360 degree video analysis of the whole body. We run outside so we should be analysed and coached outside. Our dynamic movement will always be an extension of our everyday movement. How we sit, stand and walk is how we run. My movement workshops address this and ensure you take ownership of both your everyday and dynamic movement.
I coach a running technique that focuses on efficiency and managing the effects of impact on the body to runners of all levels from international to complete beginners and those returning from injury.

Please take some time to take a look at my work and if you have any questions or would like to discuss anything feel free to contact me.