Multi Day Ultra Event Coaching

Perhaps the ultimate challenge for the ultra runner are multi day events in extreme environments. Competing in extreme heat, cold, altitude and humidity in some of the most stunning destinations on the planet are a great way to test both mind and body.

I have trekked, climbed and run in the Himalayas, Karakorum and northern India to altitudes of 6000 metres and temperatures down to – 30; run, coached and researched in deserts and jungles in countries such as Morocco, Mozambique, Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Amazon in temperatures up to 50 degrees and 100% humidity; have also researched and coached in the Arctic. During this time I have learned that running with efficient movement and managing the effects of impact on the body are key to completing your event.

When we plan for a multi-day event we look closely at kit, fitness, nutrition and hydration etc, but rarely at how we will move ourselves and everything we carry for six days. Most people that drop out or do not perform well in events, do so because the body begins to break down. Movement coaching will ensure that you maximise your efficiency, enabling you to compete day after day.

I work on a number of research projects with my research partner, the University of Kent. These projects include gait fatigue analysis, the effects on the immune system during training and competition and perceived rates of effort during endurance performance.

My work with multi-day competitors ensures you start the event in complete control of your movement and able to make intelligent decisions as you train and compete.

Technique Analysis

As a running technique coach and movement specialist I use ViMove technology to analyse your running dynamics, measuring ground force reaction, acceleration and deceleration during the stride, stability of the knee, ground contact time, cadence and vertical displacement, this information is delivered per leg allowing us to understand your balance and symmetry as you move, maximising these is vital to creating maximum efficiency.

Technique Coaching

We work with full kit to ensure that your gait analysis and coaching are specific to your event, using hills and trails with the ViMove technology allows us to carry out analysis that until now has been confined to the lab, a pack and race kit completely changes our gait, understanding the effects and how to work with them will dramatically increase your performance. We also analyse the stability of the knee and the effects of bad posture.

Natural Movement

My coaching philosophy is based around natural movement, in particular posture and the use of the fascial system and it’s influences on propreoception, and the creation of elastic recoil and elastic energy in the body. All of the analysis and coaching is carried out with the use of 360 degree video analysis of the whole body, understanding how to move correctly and how it looks and feels to do it correctly is a very powerful way of learning.

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Tom Pope – Ultra Runner

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Simon Hollis – Ultra Runner

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Claudia Forster – Ultra Runner

Dan Lawson – GB 24hr Runner, European Champion, World Team Champion

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Tom Evans – GB Athlete

Duncan Slater – Adventurer, amputee

Mohamed Ahansal – 5 x Winner Marathon Des Sables

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