Mountain / Hill Running

Running in mountains and hills requires a whole new set of movement skills. I work with some of the best endurance athletes that excel in these environments. My unique ability to analyse and coach movement in any environment means that runners of all abilities can improve their efficiency in one of the most demanding environments there is.

Coaching these great athletes also gives me the opportunity to learn from them. I use this experience to coach running in the mountains and hills to runners of all levels including complete beginners.

Some of the runners I have worked with recently:

  • Damian Hall
  • Tom Evans
  • Beth Pascall 
  • Pavel Paloncy 
  • Jo Meek
  • Jim Mann
  • Rory Coleman
  • Dan Lawson
  • Sondre Amdahl
  • Gemma Game


  • Elisabet Barnes 
  • Mimi Kotka 
  • Nicky Spinks
  • Kristina Shu Madsen
  • Tom Payne
  • Mimi Anderson
  • Adam Kimble
  • Rob Forbes
  • Mark Denby
  • GB 24 hour quad
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