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I work with a number of journalists and media organisations providing coaching and articles on the Running Reborn thought process of movement.

dorsaVI Website Article 

Shane’s use of the dorsaVI sensors which supports his work on the recent research trip to Sweden at the Beyond the Ultimate Ice Ultra is featured on the dorsaVI website.

You can read the article here

Women Running Magazine

Shane recently contributed to an article on Ultra running women as featured in February 2016 issue of Womens Running Magazine.

You can read the full article here

Women Running Magazine details can be found here

Run 24-7 Article 

Shane’s work as a running technique coach and movement specialist is featured on the Run 24-7 website.

You can read the article here

Trail Running Magazine Article

Shane is featured in an article by Damian Hall for Trail Running magazine where he talks about how trail running can help avoid repetitive strain injury.

You can read the article here

Outdoor Fitness Magazine

Shane has a short article on “How to run more naturally and efficiently” featured in February 2016 issue of Outdoor Fitness Magazine.

You can review the article here

The Guardian Online

“Chi running: can a habitual heel striker learn to land midfoot in one day?” by Nick Mead

Nick Mead consults Shane Benzie on the concept and benefits of Chi Running.

The article can be read here


Shane was recently featured in an article on the by RunUltra contributor and motivational running coach Kerry Sutton on the biomechanics of running.

You can read the article here

TriGear Website

Shane was featured on the TriGear, a triathlon focussed website in March giving an overview of his coaching philosophy, techniques and covering use of the ViMove technology he has now started to employ in his practice.

The full article can be read online here

BBC Website

Shane’s work with the inspirational British Veteran Duncan Slater, a double amputee training for this first marathon was mentioned in an interview with Duncan conducted by the BBC World Service.

A link to the interview can be found here

Men’s Fitness Magazine 

“How to train for an ultra marathon in three hours” by Damian Hall

Shane is featured in February 2015’s editions of Mens Fitness magazine when he was consulted by outdoor enthusiast and ultra marathon runner Damian Hall who finds out if a new running technique can get him through an 80km ultramarathon on half his normal training volume

An online version of the article can be found here

Run Ultra Website Article 

“Running for Free” by Shane Benzie

Shane wrote an article on the subject of running technique which was featured on the Run Ultra website in January 2015.

The article can be read here

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