Iten, situated at an altitude of 8000ft on the lip of the Rift Valley, is home to many of the greatest middle and long distance runners on the planet.

My coaching and research projects in Iten give me a unique opportunity to work with elite runners and coaches to better understand efficient and dynamic movement.

Whilst coaching in Iten I stay with the athletes in the training camps, this gives me an invaluable insight into, not just the running technique behind their success, but also their approach to other vital issues such as psychology and recovery.

We continually look to the East Africans for guidance on how to run well. It’s not enough to just study footage of them running – there is no single thing that makes East Africans amazing athletes, indeed there are many factors! One that particularly stands out is “the power of the group”. Spending time in and being part of the group enables me to immerse myself in their culture of running. Add some science and visualisation to this and I have a great formula for coaching natural movement.

Sharing information with other coaches is an effective way of learning new skills, my ongoing collaboration with Brother Colm has influenced the way I think about movement in running.

Working with Brother Colm

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