FATBAGS, first timers

Angela – Shane helped me and 5 friends prepare for a 100km walk. It was something I wasn’t sure I’d be able to actually do but relished the challenge. Shane led a movement workshop for us which was invaluable in understanding how I could improve posture and technique. I went from thinking ‘I’m sure I can walk just fine’ to realising there was a lot more to it, especially if I was to complete 100km injury free and with enough energy to get to the end.  Shane is the consummate professional and has a fantastic breadth and depth of knowledge backed up by scientific research and experience.

Shane also followed us throughout the walk, including overnight, providing much needed hints and tips as well as carrying water, spare shoes, clothes, snacks and anything else we thought we might need.  His help and support were second to none and very much appreciated. We made it to the end and I’m very proud of what we achieved. Thank you Shane.

Beth – A group of us enlisted the help of Running Reborn to get us through a mentally and physically demanding ultra-challenge that involved walking for some 32 hours along the Jurassic Coast. When we signed up, we didn’t really foresee the challenges of walking that far – the strain on our joints, fatigue in our muscles and the impact that tiredness could have on your self-belief. 

Having a physiology degree I thought I knew a lot about the human body and how it works, but during Shane’s sessions I discovered a whole lot more around how to move efficiently without causing stress to the joints and muscles. The training walk we did after Shane’s first session was enlightening – there was no pain, no mental challenge to take a few more steps and ignore the muscle fatigue, no desire to have finished a few hours before…..we walked further and faster than before without the pain. The sessions gave us evidence based theory which we were able to quickly put into practice and see instant results – my kind of workshop! Thanks to Running Reborn we all completed our challenge – and more importantly without any physical injury or pain along the way. Thanks Shane, an excellent result.

Fi -Shane helped me and 5 others train for and finish an 100km walk along the Jurassic Coast.  His explanations of how your body is built, how it works and how you can make it work more efficiently with less pain are very easy to understand.  Shane is very patient and knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend him.

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