Shane Benzie – Founder

Running Reborn founder Shane Benzie … Read more

BOOK a Movement Workshops

All coaching takes place in the natural environment, away from the treadmill. Research shows us that running on a treadmill creates significantly contrasting bio mechanics from those produced running in a natural environment … Read more


As the founder of Running Reborn I am passionate about increasing my understanding of movement … Read more

Mountain / Hill Running

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Multi Day

Perhaps the ultimate challenges for the ultra runner are multi day events in extreme environments … Read more

Beginners & Injured

Learning to run with the Running Reborn method will ensure that you move with maximum efficiency … Read more

News and Projects

Coaching in Africa


Coaching and researching in Iten, home to many of the best athletes on the planet … Read more


Working with the Moroccan team in preparation for the Marathon Des Sables … Read more


Working with Coach Sentayehu in Bekoji to better understand elastic movement … Read more


Researching the nature/nurture theory on African runners in rural Uganda … Read more