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Running Reborn founder Shane Benzie … Read more


BOOK an Online Movement Workshop

Your movement is heavily influenced by your perception of your movement. We all have a perception, even if its subliminal and its generally based on the traditional view of biomechanics …. Read more

Online Video Analysis

Seeing how you move and understanding the thought process is an incredibly powerful way of learning … Read more

Beginners & Injured

Learning to run with the Running Reborn method will ensure that you move with maximum efficiency … Read more

Multi Day

Perhaps the ultimate challenges for the ultra runner are multi day events in extreme environments … Read more

Mountain / Hill Running

Running in the mountains and hills requires a whole new set of movement skills … Read more

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Coaching in Africa


Coaching and researching in Iten, home to many of the best athletes on the planet … Read more

Sahara / Namib

Working with the Moroccan team in preparation for the Marathon Des Sables … Read more


Working with Coach Sentayehu in Bekoji to better understand elastic movement … Read more


Researching the nature/nurture theory on African runners in rural Uganda … Read more