When you’ve completed the swim and cycle, it’s vital that you run with maximum efficiency without losing the dynamic movement that will create the speed you require. Triathletes are becoming increasingly aware that the race can be won or lost on the run and are now taking the detailed approach associated with the swim and cycle.

Using the unique ViMove technology I am able to analyse your running dynamics including: ground reaction force; acceleration during stride; ground contact time; cadence; vertical displacement and stability of the knee. This information is given per leg giving a clear understanding of your balance and symmetry of movement as you run. This will maximise your efficiency and reduce your chances of injury during training and competition. Used in conjunction with 360 degree video analysis of the whole body, I am able to understand the changes in technique needed to maximise your performance.

The reports I produce on your gait analysis are a perfect way to include your sports therapist in your training, recovery and rehabilitation (if injured). I specialise in working with therapists and clients, creating a team approach. If you are going to get that PB it’s vital you have the best team around you possible and good information communication is vital.

Coaching Philosophy

My Coaching philosophy is based on producing competitors who, not only learn a running technique that is natural and safer, but also educates them to how and why we use the techniques, enabling the runner to make educated decisions about their technique as they run, using a self-diagnosis method that covers the whole body. This approach ensures you maximise efficiency and dynamic movement and dramatically reduce your chances of injury, enabling you to train harder and start your race with perfect preparation

Technique Coaching

The technique coaching specifically works on running technique, we will cover all aspects of your run stage, concentrating on foot contact, posture, cadence and the use of the fascial system, responsible for propreoception, elastic recoil and the creation of elastic energy. I will also include subjects such as postural changes as you run during transitions from the swim to cycle and cycle to run and we look at aspects such as the potential synergy between running and cycling cadence. This thought process will increase performance.

Working with your therapist

The information gained from the technique analysis is vital in shaping the coaching process, allowing me to work on specific areas that need improvement, the analysis reports that you receive are also invaluable to your sports therapist, helping them to understand your balance and symmetry as you move and where potential interventions can be made to address injuries, aid recovery and rehabilitation. A good working relationship between the runner, therapist and coach is essential in ensuring you attain your maximum potential.


Grace Terry – Triathlete

Elouise de Laurt – Triathlete