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The Running Reborn Practice

The Running Reborn Practice was formed with the vision of working with runners of all capabilities from athletes to complete beginners, coaching them a running technique that concentrates on energy efficiency and the reduction of impact on the runners body.

The Running Reborn vision includes on going research into how we are designed to run and the best way to coach these techniques. Shane Benzie the founder of Running Reborn works on a number of research projects with Kent University to better understand the effects of running on the human body and runs research projects in Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda, working with coaches and athletes studying biomechanics, gait analysis and a training philosophy that enables these nations to produce such talented athletes time and again.

Coaching philosophy

My Coaching philosophy is based on producing intelligent runners who not only learn a running technique that is natural and safer for the body but also educates them as to how and why we use the techniques, enabling the runner to make educated decisions about their technique and their body as they run, using a self diagnosis method that covers the whole body.

An organic approach with the aid of technology

My approach to coaching running technique is based on the concept that we are perfectly designed to run and that is is completely natural to our bodies, much of my coaching concentrates on the bodys natural movement and rythem and re-educating our body to work in the way it was designed.

To aid these coaching techniques I use the latest technology allowing me to analyse the bodies biomechanics, using video gait analysis, this is used in conjunction with my technique evaluation system (above) which ebables analysis the of the whole body.

I also use technology that will track your running dynamics including cadence, the time the foot is on the ground and the virtical displacement the body produces as it moves, giving us valuable information and enabling us to make adjustments that will increase the bodies efficiency and reduce the impact on it.

Combining these two approaches will result in an intelligent runner that is able to make their own informed decisions on improving their technique. The journey never ends.

One hour technique evaluation

Running Reborn can evaluate your running technique in a one hour session giving you the chance to understand how natural movement will improve your running.

For enquiries regarding Running Reborn, call Shane on +44 (0)7831 755007

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